This is what I woke up to this morning when I checked the ESPN feeder crawl. I thought, "How could that be? I know she turned her ankle, but she was crushing that Romanian she was playing." As it turned out, it wasn't Serena Williams who lost, but rather Rhyne Williams. Rhyne had a chance to pull out an upset against Florian Mayer, but lost a 14-12 4th set tie-breaker and ended up losing in five sets. I think Rhyne should not only have to change his first name--Rhyne, really?--but also his last name, too. We can't have anymore of these early-morning surprises.Now back to Ms. Serena Williams, one would've thought she was shot when she twisted her right ankle going wide for a forehand last night. I mean seriously, I'm a guy who's turned and sprained his ankle oodles of times playing hoops and running cross-country races in high school and college, and I've never seen a bigger over-reaction to a twisted ankle than Ms. Williams'. She stayed on the ground like she'd been shot. The assumption for such a reaction is she wrenched her knee not her ankle. The replay showed that while Serena had rolled the ankle, she didn't actually roll it all the way over. She finally got up after milking the injury for as long as possible, hops to the bench, gets examined by the trainer, has her taping cut off and a new one put on (when will they ever change this asinine rule where a player gets to be diagnosed for the injury and then three-minutes more to be treated for it?) and then proceeds to put more of a whupping on her opponent. But that's why we love Serena, isn't it? She is the ultimate Diva. Last night, as the cameras zoomed in for the closeup, we saw that her nails were painted and long, and the tips were covered in sparkles. Frankly, I could care less who she plays in the women's game. Maybe a rematch with Azarenka would be an interesting match. But the match I want to see is Serena vs. Johnny Mac. I tell you right now, even though "The Brat" would be giving up 22 years in age and a whole lot of muscle power (has Serena looked this fit and strong in the past decade?), I take 53-year-old Mac in that matchup. Last night, whoever was announcing it asked the female expert what kind of return would faze Serena. Of course, there was no cogent reply. But I can see Johnny Mac sliding one of Serena's bombs back to her backhand with a forehand slice from the ad court and moving to net and knocking off a Serena two-handed backhand reply. I tell you, Johnny Mac would not lose that match and 40 years from the Bobby Riggs v Billie Jean King slaughter, I want to see that match more than any Serena vs the women's field match today.And I just want to send my commiserations to my pal, Scoop. Two days into the event, and he's having an awfully tough go of it. His Big Hope, Alexandr Dolgopolov went down to the semi-retired Gael Monfils in 4 sets. Dolgo is now 24 and it's clear, like with a Gilles Simon or Fabrice Santoro, two other magicians who never went far in slams, that there won't be any semis run coming the Ukranian's way. First it was Feliciano Lopez Scoop was trumpeting for Slam glory and then Dolgo and Nishikori. Maybe Kei will make Scoop prescient. Finally, Tommy Haas lost. It hasn't been a good two days for the old-timers, Haas and Hewitt. Haas lost 8-6 in 5th to Jarkko Nieminem, who's also on the tennis Social Security list. But at least, Scoop's latest hopeful, Richard Gasquet won easily. Oh, and of course, Sam Querrey, Scoop's major American heartthrob is still in the event.