Here's my post from yesterday's Hewitt-Djokovic match at's rather innocuous. I give Hewitt his due for forcing the world No. 2 into a battle where at 5-all in the second set, Hewitt having taken the first, the feisty Aussie veteran looked like he might pull off the biggest upset of the Olympics. Now Hewitt beat Agassi in Adelaide when Hewitt was like 15 and Sampras in the US Open finals when he was 20, but this probably would've been the greatest upset of his career. I pointed out in the blog that Hewitt exploited Djokovic's weaknesses: an average slice backhand and a spotty forecourt game. And then I called Hewitt's shirt butterscotch yellow rather than gold (look at the color of his shirt--it's yellow not gold like the Aussies say--damn Aussies!). Look how I was hammered. These are just a few of the comments.Dan,consider yourself virtually sacked by this fan. Shame on you for putting up this photo.I won't even bother reading your average unispiring writing.Mr. Markowitz,Your writings look more and more like Bodo's.IMO not good.Are you married?Do you have a lot younger wife like Bodo?How do we call people who are older and have younger wives?Sugar daddies?Sugar daddies are usually grumpy, bitter because they have wives who married them not because of their looks and brain, but money.* Wearing a butterscotch yellow shirt ----* ??? Are you an idiot? Yanks wear pink, white and aquamarine I guess? Seriously it seems a petty thing but this exactly what the rest of the world detests about Americans. Australians wear green and gold you stupid man. Geez, I was called "stupid," an "idiot," and a "sugar daddy." I must admit, I like being called a "sugar daddy," but I realize now how kind you people on are to me after getting blitzed by the folks at Thank you for your kindness.