This is a real interesting semis. You could not find two players more evenly matched. Berdych is 6-5, Soderling 6-4, Berdych is 24, Soddy 25, they've both won 5 career titles, and Birdy is 21-9 this year, Soddy 25-10. Birdy is 242-152 on his career win-loss, and Soddy is 236-148. They've played each other 7 times and Soddy has won 4 matches, but Birdy won only match on clay, 6-0 in third at 2007 Monte Carlo.They are both big hitters and now that Soddy has taken Federer out of the picture, they both have to be hankering to face Nadal, because they've both had success against Rafa in the past. Although, Birdy hasn't beaten the Spaniard since 2006. I am going to pick Berdych in this match. There's bound to be a letdown for Soderling after beating Federer and Berdych beat the Swede 2 and 2 a couple of months ago in Miami. Also, I like the way Berdych made easy pickings of Andy Murray. The Chech tends to get tight in big matches and moments, and I still remember him losing to Roddick on indoor clay at home in the Davis Cup, but I think Berdych will beat Soderling and then actually take one set off of Nadal.