I just came in to see Federer beat Djokovic in straight sets in the Cincy Masters finals, but a bagel in the first set. What has happened to the presumptive king? I cannot believe Djokovic got bageled after coming into the finals not having dropped his serve. I know Federer is playing some of his best tennis ever, but to bagel Djokovic shows that there must be something seriously wrong with his game. Novak, in the post-match interview, just said he can't believe he got to the finals at Cincy, that he wasn't expecting it. That's hogwash. Who does Djoko think he was going to lose to? I imagine he thinks he can beat anyone, but maybe after this match, he might reconsider the way he's playing Federer. I asked Novak in Toronto why he's losing so much this year compared to last and this is what he said: Q. You had such a great year last year. Obviously pressure to repeat that had to be on top of you. Do you think there was a lack of urgency somewhat this year and that's maybe why you haven't repeated what you did last year? What can you pinpoint as to maybe why you've had a little drop off?NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, look, it's hard to expect that you can always win every single match that you play in six months. You know, that's really hard to repeat that. (Smiling.) But just knowing that I can play that well and win that many tournaments on different surfaces gives me a lot of confidence. I got into this season really successful winning Australian Open and Miami, and played three, four finals on clay courts as well and played finals in French Open. I played great match against Rafa. So, you know, for me I had a great season even this year. It's been only what, six, seven months? So there is (sic) many more tournaments to come and it's played on my favorite surface, so I will try to use that in my favor and perform my best.No, Novak, it's not good enough the season you've had so far in 2012. In fact, if you don't win the US Open now, your season will have to be deemed a disappointment. I mean, you came into this year, the champ, No. 1, and a very-near candidate for GOAT-hood. Again, my question to Djoko is, what's happened? Of course, we can't expect you to be as stellar as last year, but we also didn't expect you to totally cede the clay court season to Nadal and now the grass and hard courts to Murray and Fed. Something has happened to Djokovic that has derailed him. I'm sorry, I saw a man play the greatest tennis of all time last year. I heard JImmy Arias say even yesterday about Djokovic: "He's the best. He's playing at the highest level ever. You can't hit a winner against him. It's easy to be calm when you can defend like him."Is Novak just psyched out against Roger, Rafa, Murray and Del Po now? I will go to the ends of the earth to find out what's wrong with Djokovic that doesn't meet the eyes and Djoko isn't expanding on.