Tennis has it so, so very good right now. We have global icons like Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, the Williams sisters miracles. Federer and Nadal are on the level of Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, they are beloved, adored, iconic figures. Absent from Miami this week, I notice a drop-off. Attendance is good or very good but the stadium is rarely full or jumping with energy. The press box seating is less than half full for about all the night matches. I remember last year and 2011, there were some nights that there were no seats available in the press section. Also, leaving the tournament site, it's a breeze getting out of the parking lot, unlike the last two years when it was gridlock where we'd have to wait in a long line to exit the lot waiting for the hordes of fans to cross the street to get to their cars. Just a big logjam. This year it's been very different, considerably less people.My point is, the day is coming when Federer and Nadal and the Williams will not be around anymore. And there has to be some question as to if new special talents will emerge to replace them, and carry the sport to the future, as the currrent stars have done so admirably post Agassi, Sampras, Graf, Seles, Capriati.Novak Djokovic is a big star but in terms of charisma and popularity he is just not on the same level as Rafa and Federer. A journalist told me all the players respect Fed and Rafa unequivocally but there are some things that they do not like about Djokovic, though he did not offer any specifics. I think the fans and media view Djokovic similarly to the ATP players. They still haven't fully embraced him either. And though the quality of his tennis is arguably superior to both Federer and Nadal, Djokovic may always be viewed as a bit of an outsider, and controversial, and, as Jerzy Janowicz flatly put it, "fake."So who has the potential to reach the extraordinary popularity of Rafa, Fed and the Williams? Tomic? No way. Dimitrov? Hard to see that. Raonic? Perhaps. Nishikori? Maybe to some small degree. Dolgopolov? No. Sock? Harrison? Janowicz? On the women's side, it's a similar story. Most of the top 20 players are very good, fair personalities but far from comparable to Hingis, Capriati, Graf, Seles and the Williams. All the WTA players games are so similar, factory products, they all hit flat and hard, predominantly two handers, low net clearance. Aside from Schiavone, there is not a lot of flair in womens tennis now. I don't know, maybe I'm looking too far ahead. Maybe the new great champions will come soon, they always do.How about you? Do you think tennis will be just fine without Roger, Rafa, Venus and Serena?