I just watched most of the third set of Serena Williams' fourth U.S. Open slam victory over Victoria Azarenka and...it was actually captivating. If you follow this blog at all, you know I don't watch women's tennis. I mean I loved women's tennis when Navratilova was the top gun because I loved her game. She was the Johnny Mac of the women's game, only she was in much better shape than Mac. But then when the game started to morph into Graf, Seles, Hingis, Capriati and Davenport I became less interested, and now there's only a few women's players who I want to watch. Luckily, Serena and Azarenka fall into that category.Serena was actually down a break in the third set and had gotten smeared in the second set, 6-2. But right when it seemed Azarenka would slam the door on Serena and win her second slam of the year, Serena broke her at 15. In the few games of the match, Serena displayed high-power tennis and the rallies, at least some of them, were quite good and dynamic. Serena's serve held up much more than the Belarusian's, but I actually saw the tall blonde on one point slice her backhand and charge the net and hit a winning volley. Serena, even with all her doubles playing, would never play a point like this. She is a very static player in her repertoire. I was surprised that the men I was watching the match with at a party were almost all against Serena. They didn't like her for various reasons, mostly because Serena is notorious for not giving her opponents credit when they beat her. Tonight she aptly credited Azarenka in the post-match interview, but she had won the match. There were other reasons as well why Serena was not the favorite at this party. One guy called her "Big Butt" and another accurately pointed out that if you can stand up to Serena and make her move around the court, especially side to side, she is vulnerable. Serena is a very polarizing figure. She's great, but not revered nearly as much as Federer even though she's only two slams shy of his total. It also appears Serena has more slams left in her than Roger. Regardless, I enjoyed watching the last set and I'm actually looking forward to subsequent matches between Serena and Azarenka. This could develop into a good rivalry because they both play explosive games and have the hearts of champions. The women's game dearly needs a good rivalry at the top to up its interest. It's other recent contenders from Ivanovic to Jankovic to Na to Wozniaki have all mostly fallen by the wayside. Victoria is eight years younger than Serena, but there still could be some good matches left in this rivalry.