Five years in a row now, the men's finals has been held on Monday. A 4 pm start in the East Coast is not a bad time to get the festivities underway. Djokovic says there are "no favorites" to today's Big Daddy, but who really believes that!? Murray has dropped three sets en route to the finals while Djokovic has only dropped one. The Serb has nailed down five slams, the Scot zero.Maybe Murray has the advantage in that he beat Djokovic last in the Olympic semis. But anyone who watches the Joker on grass courts knows he's not the same player on the turf as he is on hard courts. Djokovic looked decisive in clobbering Ferrer in the semis while Murray looked fortunate that there was a big wind gale in his semis against Berdych. Yes, the Scot is motivated. Yes, he has Lendl in his corner, the only other man to lose his first four slam finals. Yes, Murray is a master at bewitching his opponents and his forehand and serve have improved. But let's face it, the Scot is about to go 0-5 in slam finals. Djoko has a chance if he wins today to catch Sir Fed if he wins his sixth slam. At 25, that would mean he'd need to average two slams a year (something he'd do this year on an off-year) for the next four years (doable) and then three more from ages 29-32 (tricky, but doable, the guy's in great shape and we all know the "next generation" is a fraud's crew without a truly dynamic player in the bunch.)The Fed is on his way out as far as winning slams. Nadal is damaged goods, and Murray hasn't shown the guts to win a slam. Why can't Novak cement his dominance in this U.S. Open final--Djokovic in 4 sets.