Sure Federer has only been to one slam finals since US Open 2009 where he started his unkingly trend of sinking like the Titanic with a mid-match lead. Sure Roger was surprisingly upended by Djokovic in the US Open semis last year while holding two match points. And yes, Fed was creamed by Nadal in Miami this year and then stunned by Tsonga while Fed held a two-sets-to-love lead in the quarters at Wimbledon this year.But I submit the king wasn't pronounced dead and not coming back until last night where he lost in Montreal, again to Tsonga, a player who used to not be able to sniff Fed's knightliness, 6-1 in the third set. Now I have to admit, I didn't see the third set. I watched Fed duff return-of-serve backhands in losing the first set tie-breaker. I watched Fed break Tsonga at the start of the second set and go up 3-1 and then I turned off my computer to play my five-year-old son in Wee Baseball. What is with this match only being shown on I hate watching sports on my computer screen. I even had to watch a little of the Philadelphia Freedoms (Christina McHale and Madison Brengle) cream the Washington Kastles (Venus Williams--this girl has no future in doub's, she was horrible--and Rennae Stubbs-ditto the same about this Aussie--I hear she's won 60 doubles titles. How the hell?) 5-1 on the Tennis Channel. They should be ashamed of themselves for broadcasting this mishigosh and not Fed-Tsonga.But anyway, back to Fed being dead. I left with him leading 3-1 in the second set and looking his princely self. Has there ever been a player before or now in tennis who holds himself so princely as Sir Fed? I'm reading a lot these days--two books "A Terrible Splendor" and Sidney Woods' memoir--about the old days of tennis--the 20's and 30's--and apparently Bill Tilden, held himself in the same regal manner as Fed. Tilden would put his hands on his hips and harangue an umpire, linesman or even ballboy who had the pluck to see something in a different light than he. Fed does little of that although he can be churlish on the court as well. But even when Fed is playing at a subpar level, only a hint of displeasure usually shows on his face. He did smash that one racket in Miami last year, but he is generally a good sport on the court and plays at an admirable pace. (I could tell he was upset with Tsonga last night who studies four balls before each point and uses his towel often and often swigs water on the change over at the beginning of sets for ample time).I know a commentator on this blog, Sakhi, wanted Scoop or I to write about homosexual players on the tour. And I'm not saying Fed is gay, but he's so stylish and light-footed in his gait that he appears to be. Tilden, of course, was gay although this penchant only surfaced apparently later in his post-career days and only with young men. Nonetheless, Tilden played very high-level tennis well into his 30's winning the U.S. Nationals at 36 and Wimbledon at 37, and that clearly is not going to be Fed's path or achievement level.Yes, Djokovic has surfaced and he is a Fed-killer of the highest order (The French semis this year being the exception). And there's always Nadal, who seemingly can't lose to Fed nowadays on anything but indoor hard courts. Fed has not only lost to Tsonga this year, but Melzer and Gasquet who haven't been in his orbit for the last eight years. Fed's only won Doha this year, a 250-event. Get this, he's an unkingly 39-9 this year. Sampras won his last crown, the 2002 US Open at 31 and ranked No. 17. Federer is still No. 3 and until last night, if you took the top two players out of the picture, I'd still would've said Fed has the best chance to win a slam of all the rest. But now I don't think so. What has shifted since Fed's colossal defeat at Wimbledon to Tsonga? A lot. Fed's backhand is worse, his movement, his serve, his ability to finish points and his utter dominance. At 30, Fed is far from being over-the-hill, but if you think about it, of all the great players of the last 30 years who have played well and won slams after 30--Connors, Agassi, Gomez, Sampras--only the latter two had one-handed backhands. And Gomez got very fortunate and Sampras had the greatest serve and greatest volleys in the game. Lendl, McEnroe, Becker, Edberg, Cash, Rafter, and Muster, these guys didn't win slams after 30 and neither will Roger. The Fed is dead (when it comes to winning slams) and he ain't coming back.