I watched Haas play against Marin Cilic and Juan Monaco this past weekend in the semis and finals of Hamburg. Tommy Haas, the passionate, oft-injured, swearing, defiant 34-year-old is playing some fine tennis. He beat Cilic 6-0 in the second set of his straight set semis win and was up a break in the first set against Monaco in the finals before Monaco solved Haas. But Haas at 34 is the only player over the age of 31 who's really playing well now. He won Halle, lost in five tight sets to Kohlschreiber in the first round of Wimbledon and now finaled at Hamburg. He's ranked No. 35 and he's the only player over the age of 32 who's really playing top tennis these days. If it's a truism that young guns don't have the physicality to compete at the elite level in men's tennis today. Then it's also true that no one's making a Jimmy Connors, mid-to-late-30's run to the top either.Haas is a physical player, even though his shoulders have been surgically-repaired along with his hips and knees. He hits the one hander right up there with Federer and I believe he returns better than Fed with his one-hander, goes up the line with it better and hits the bh dropper better. He is a thinking man's player who can't overpower opponents, but breaks them down nonetheless. Plus, he's the closest player to John McEnroe in orneriness on the court.No one's nearly as ornery as Haas in today's game. He swears in both English and German (and hearing a German swear always brings a chill down my spine and I wasn't even around during World War II). And no one, but no one, scowls the way Tommy Haas does. he used to cuss out and scowl at his old coach from Bollettieri days, Red Ames,so bad that one felt sorry for Ames and watched for him to break out into tears. Now Tommy has a gorgeous blonde wife/girlfriend in tow (she wore black sunglasses throughout both matches and seemed as moody as Tommy) and a two-year-old girl, Valentina (I like the name), but Tommy is still ornery. He's looking good.Brian Baker has not won a match yet on the US Open Hardcourt Series. He lost to Rajeev Ram in Los Angeles last night, and that's hard to do because Ram probably hasn't won a match on tour anywhere outside Newport in a few years. Could Baker be mostly a clay and grasscourt player? Is he falling prey to the media and fan attention? Stay tuned, but the early signs are alarming. Jack Sock lost to the little Italian sniper, Flavio Cipolla, who's about as big as a Rochus, but this guy is tough and he shot down Sock. Now we have to watch Donald Young in the Olympics. Enough said.