Do you remember there was a movie called "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" in 1969, starring Kurt Russell?I never saw it but what an intriguing title for a film."Tennis sneakers." They've earned their own special distinction in modern culture. I remember Peter Benchley used the term in one of the chapters in his classic book "Jaws."People love their tennis shoes too. Check out ebay - people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a single pair, check out the prices for Federer's new 287 Nikes, or Nadal's 2010 U.S. Open lime, glow in the dark Ballistic 2.3s.Our love for tennis shoes make us do odd things too. I knew a guy who adored Pete Sampras and loaded up his closet with ten pairs of brand new Nike Oscillates (not to mention Wilson Pro Staffs, and boxes of Nike apparel and match videos.)Though I consider myself a minimalist, even my own apartment has exactly 18 pairs of tennis shoes, new and used, scattered around in closets and boxes. What is it about tennis shoes that make us go a little overboard?Fear of running out? Style factor? Looking for that edge in our games? I'd say a combo of all three.One of my favorite pairs are the white and yellow Nike Ballistec 1.3s. They are worn out and unusable now but I like them so much I just can't get rid of them. Also my Wilson Trances have holes in them. But I just can't toss em even though they smell like a dead animal.There were a few pairs that were hard to part with and took years to finally send to the dumpster- the old white Diadoras that Kuerten wore. They were one of my all time favorite shoes. The silver bullet Oscillates which I got for just $25 still sit in my closet new but I never wear them. One guy at the courts has a new pair of sneakers every week it seems. People really seem to like those new red Babolat Propulse 3s, I see them a lot on New Jersey courts, at least a dozen times this year they've caught my eye. The bright red catches your eye like a stop sign. Right now the hot shoe is the new Federer Vapors, a lot of tourney players have them. I found a pair of pro tennis player shoes on the side of the road at the Sarasota Open, I figured out they were Ginepri's after he lost a tight three setter, he must've just tossed them out the window on the way back home.