Sunday's Match of the Day is a tip to Scoop and his fondness for Dolgopolov. Mr. Alexandr plays the suddenly-hot Stanislav Wawrinka in a third round match. Remember what is at stake. If you choose the correct winner of each Match of the Day–and you skip one, so for those out you who want to enter with the Dolgo-Wawa match, just post your pick–you win “Break Point” and "Marcelo Rios–The Man We Barely Knew.” Come on, really, that’s like Paul Ryan receiving “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead” for you tennis-lovers.Ok, a little background on Dolgo and Wawa–they’re separated in the rankings by 4 spots (Dolgo at No. 15 and Wawa at No. 19) and they’ve played each other exactly once, last year on clay and Dolgo won 4 and 6. Dolgo has one of the most electric forehands in the game and Wawa has one of the top-5 one-handed backhands. The best slam showing for both guys was one quarterfinals appearance, both at the Australian Open (which I don’t want to rile the Aussies reading this blog and say is the most inconsequential slam, but there you have it). Finally, they both have bad cases of acne.So there you have it, everything you need to know to make an educated pick on Dolgo and Wawa. Who’s it going to be?