"Australian Open, I'm down against Radek Stepanek 62 62 53. He's serving for the match. I come back and win in five sets. Any questions? (How did you do it?) To be honest with you, I don't know if the mind works this way or it's coincidental. The week before I was getting over the Super Bowl and how the Giants stole that title away from the deserved champions (Patriots) [laughs]. Because I'm a Boston boy. But in any case, I was studying Tom Brady. What makes him that good? The guy was fifth string at Michigan, worked his way up. So, long story short, he said he idolized (Joe) Montana. Both of their key success components was coming back. Not only in the fourth quarter, in the last minute. They still believed. They performed more aggressively, more confidently, more relaxed. They were Federer with 58 seconds to go and down a touchdown. So I was studying. I got kind of inspired. I was watching the You Tubes. I don't know if it worked against me at first - by putting me in such a bad position against Stepanek [laughs] - I was like, the motto is 'coming back.' I honestly was mentally prepared. Every great champ - Federer, Nadal, Sampras, Seles - they went through a tournament like this. And they got in the position of hardship, of challenge. And they did what Tom Brady did. There's something in the mind that got him through. That's what I wanted to do. Then in the second round I beat (Denis) Gremelmayr down six match points. So even in the last seconds I had like a rock solid confidence and perseverance in my head. I don't think that's coincidental. That's a psychology lesson."Worst Blown Lead: "I know I had a couple of those. I've had so many good comebacks. 5-0 in the fifth at the French Open against Florent Serra and I came back and won 8-6 in the fifth. Another time I was down 62 54 and 40-15 against Sergi Bruguera on red clay and I came back and won. Ever heard of that guy? Alright, enough of my comebacks. But when I choked my brains out...I know there's been times like that too. I was up...actually there ain't been no times, man. I take 'em uptown. Spadea the menace of tennis. My lyrics finish five minutes but stay with you endless. I don't try to defend this. Don't try to comprehend this... [smiles]"