Why didn't Vince beat Rios when he handled Kafelnikov three times? (I'm only writing this because Michael asked me to write more on Vince and less on Fed and the Joker). According to Vince, Rios played the same exact game he did, only a little better. He was faster, had a better forehand and serve. He said you could look at Rios's career exactly the way you look at his career. Did Rios over-achieve or under-achieve?Vince thinks he over-achieved. Stefanki, Vince said, toughened him up, improved his serve and his movement. And he got him to No. 1. The fact that he never won a major and only reached one major finals is surprising, but Vince thinks he still overachieved.Remember, Vince goes by the Pete Fischer stance on winning slams: It's all about technique and mechanics. You've got those two things in abundance and you''re a big game player, then you can win a slam. Vince thinks he could take Donald Young Jr. to No. 1 player in the world. He thinks Young has more talent than Rios had. He's faster, Vince said, they both had great hands, but Young is a better volleyer. Young has Rios's ability to stroke the ball. Rios was not spectacular, Vince said, and that's why he didn't win any slams, but you don't have to be spectacular to win slams. You have to have incredible technique, mechanics and heart. But Young is soft and Vince would step in the same way Stefanki stepped in and toughen him up.Alex Bogomolov Jr. asked Vince to coach him in Atlanta next week, but Vince declined. He doesn't want to get back out on the tour with all the traveling unless it's going to be with a player who he thinks could get in the Top 10. He said he'd coach Bogie on the telephone for free and if Bogey got to the quarters through his phone coaching, they'd work on a percentage. But Vince looked at Bogey's last six losses (Bogey's lost 6 straight and Young 12) and said, "Dude, you're losing like you did in Newport to Querrey, like 5 and 4. It's all about you stepping up at the big moments and refusing to lose. You're punking out. All tennis is is not missing shots. When Rios was No. 1, he didn't miss. Plus, you're first serve percentage points won is under 70 per cent. You've got to beef up your serve. You can't win on the tour if it's below 70 per cent."But the Youngs haven't called back inquiring about Vince coaching Donald. He'd be interested in Gulbis, but he said Gulbis probably doesn't listen to his coach and that's why he's not as good as he could be. Vince said his favorite coach was Peter Lundgren, but he only coached Vince for a short while. He said Lundgren is a guy who was a top player, works his player hard and stays on you to play past your fears. Last week, Lundgren was coaching Michael Russell in Newport. But essentially, Vince doesn't want to go back on the tour with Bogey for one week, take the flights, take the taxis to the court, get the balls, push Bogey and stare down his opponents like Fish and Isner, who he said can't play grass court tennis. Vince said he got further at Wimbledon than Isner has and Vince said he was a terrible grass court player. You've got to be able to move on the grass, and Isner can't. Vince made the Newport semis and finals and mirrors and bluffing, he said. But Vince's know-how, he played well at Newport just like savvy players like Santoro, Rochus (who Sanguinetti says has the best one-handed backhand on tour, up there with Haas and Kohlschreiber and all the rest) and now Hewitt, because he understood how to play. He understood his own flaws, he had a steady game, but besides his backhand he didn't hit his serve or forehand through the court enough, he loved the competition, being a warrior, but unless the right player comes along, I don't think we'll see Vince out there on the coaching sidelines anytime soon.