John Valenti is a hitting partner for the pro at the Sony. He's hit with Kirilenko, Muller, Mattek, and others. He says he doesn't get paid but gets a credential, meals, and the "priceless" experience of getting to hit with the world's best when they are in their groove. He said Kirilenko asked him to stop as he hit with too much spin, Maria wanted to hit with her coach instead, preferring flatter balls with lower net clearance instead. Spotted Tipsarevic driving in on the Rickenbackher Causeway in a white Audi convertible by himself, I guess all the top players are comped an Audi.Murray hit with Ferrer at 11 am before a big crowd. Lendl entered first about 15 minutes early and watched Kvitova practice as he put on sunblock. Murray arrived and then Ferrer who walked by him without acknowledging the Scot. Ferrer arrived in all white Lotto but then curiously went behind the chair umpire stand and changed his shorts and shirt, showing his green underwear. During the hit, Lendl teased Ferrer about his coach "losing by a bagel to a midget." Ferrer didn't seem to understand midget so Lendl changed his word to "little person." Ferrer still didn't seem to get the joke. Presumably Ferrer's coach, whose name I don't know, lost a pro match to a very small player 6-0. But you never really know with Lendl's humor.Wozniacki's father was out by himself near the court where Czink and Govortsova were playing. Wearing shades and on the phone, no one seemed to notice who he was. Aljaz Bedene of Slovenia seemed to be getting the best of the shirtless Haas. Then on a changeover Haas put a green Asics shirt on and then he began to play better. This Bedene guy looks pretty impressive. I had never seen him before, except for results agates. Bedene will play Ben Becker in the first round.Lukas Rosol beat Gilles Muller in two sets. Big crowds watching either Ryan Harrison or Francesca Schiavone practice, not sure who they were there to see, maybe both.Berdych is finally wearing his new HM attire. Berdych always wears a hat during matches but was not wearing a hat for practice this morning. In case you're wondering, Lendl was wearing New Balance shoes, Nike shorts and shirt and had a Bosworth racquet in his hand though he didn't actually hit any balls during the Murray-Ferrer practice.