Djokovic_01The Djokovic-Nadal showdown is as hot as any rivalry in the modern era. Federer vs. Nadal has been spectacular but, come on, we all pretty much knew Rafa has had the upper hand from the get-go.With Djokovic and Nadal it's different. It's more evenly balanced. Djokovic won the last match, Rafa the previous three and Djokovic the previous seven in a row. But right now, it's unknown who will win. Astute observers like Henk Abbink feel Rafa is at his 100% best now and when he's at that level, he's about unbeatable. Then there are people like Dan and myself who feel Djokovic is the superior player than Rafa, no matter the surface, when Djokovic is playing his best brand of machine like tennis, he dominates Rafa. It's just that sometimes Djokovic does not bring his A game, sometimes things like his grandfather passing or Fed fans supporting Fed disturbs his natural flow.The prospects of a Nole-Rafa showdown are thrilling, for me it's the best clash of tennis titans since Pete and Andre. Then we have the outsiders like Dimitrov, Berdych, Paire, Tomic, Raonic, Haas, Isner, Tsonga, Simon, Monfils, Ferrer, Delpo, Janowicz, Gulbis, any of which is more than capable of causing a Lukas Rosol calibre upset. On the women's side, well, it's the usual suspects, Serena, Vika and Maria, but you never know if a Schiavone will emerge. I'm picking Djokovic to complete his career Grand Slam and also Serena to prevail. Is Maria going to be hoping like heck to see Serena get upset? You bet. Let the discussions and debates begin. By the way, one friend of mine is going to wager $25,000 on Nadal if he is to meet Djokovic in the final. (Photo by Henk Abbink)