"He's probably the best competitor I played against," Andy Roddick said about Lleyton Hewitt this week at the U.S. Open."It's weird. This year we've probably become friends. At first we probably didn't like each other much and then it came to the point where we respected each other. Then it was slowly like we kind of each give a little ground and say, 'How you doing? I'm good. How are you? Okay.'""Now we'll text each other back and forth after matches and stuff. It's funny ... how that's come full circle. I come in today and he's in the throes of a battle (with Gilles Muller). Our lockers are right next to each other. He came in (after winning in five sets) and he was really pumped up.""It would be hard for anyone to respect what he's done in this game more than I do."Nice words from Roddick about Hewitt, it reminds me of when Jeff Tarango said he became a good buddy of Marcelo Rios after their grandstand epic. Like Tarango said, it's cool how tennis can bring rivals together and closer sometimes after classic battles.