I like to watch matches in pairs at the Qualis. It's hot today, not a slip of air in the place, but there's a lot on the line. Main draw means probably at least a $25,000 pay day while losing in the last round of the Qualis probably gets one a $3,000 check. That's not even taking into account the prestige and great career move of making it into the Main Draw of the USO.I walked out to Court 5, just a short jaunt from the press room, and see Matwe Millelkoop of Holland sitting in his chair, jiggling his feet, his opponent, Conor Niland of Ireland, nowhere to be found. M'koop won the first set 6-2 and he looks about as bothered by the prospect of taking the match as he is in finding a place to eat for lunch.Niland comes jogging back onto the court after a bathroom break. He is built like a middleweight boxer, body fat probably 2 %. M'koop plays like a poor man's Miroslav Mecir, he's smooth like the Big Cat, and while Nilland exudes the gravitas and fight of a boxer, M'koop seems to be drifting about the court, making it look easy. But Niland turns the match around and goes up a break in the second set. Niland is a yeller, I've never heard anyone yell as loud on a tennis court as the Irishman. I expect any minute to hear him yell, "Stella," or whatever the Rocky equivalent was.At this point, I walk over to watch Bradley Klahn play Frank Dancevic on Court 11, one of my favorite outside courts as it has a back bleacher. If M'koop was relaxed and low-key, Dancevic of Canada makes M'koop look like Captain Queeg. Klahn is a lefty with red hair and plays with the same racket as M'koop, the red Head racket with the small face for real players, and while he's not boisterous, he is all lefty twists and aggressive aggressive baseline-ing. Dancevic is about as minimalistic a tennis player you're ever going to see. He gets beaten by Klahn 6-3 in first set, and as I watch he hits three second serves at 77, 84 and 81 mph. Frank "the tank" looks slow and somewhat disinterested. He pushes his one-handed backhand, he dives for a Klahn backhand passing shot and tumbles on the court. A slacker with his cap turned backwards on his curly brown locks, its amazing to think that Frank once reached the semis or was it the finals of Indianapolis.I walk back to Court 5, it's 2-2 in the third set. Niland goes up 3-2 on a wide forehand shot that which M'koop nets. Niland yells, "Yeah," while M'koop groans, "Aw." Niland is light on his feet, intensity up the ying yang, when he hits his forehand his backswing is so high it looks like he's going to take off his sweat-soaked shirt. M'koop looks like he'll break Niland, but instead Niland does the favor at 5-4 and takes the match. If Louk Sorenson can win his final round Quali today, it'll mean two native Irishmen will be in the Main Draw of the US Open for what I can only imagine will be the first time ever. When Niland's forehand return winner lands on the far sideline, he drops to his knees, puts his hand up above his brow, and stays there in shock/awe/ultimate gratification.When I walk back to Court 11, Klahn is up 2-1 in the third set after dropping the second set 1-6. It's on serve and Dancevic is still hitting sub-90 second serves but now he's starting to amp up his first serve. And this is the main difference that I can see that separates most Main Draw players from the Qualis. The MD players win many more easy points off their serve. And that's what Dancevic starts to do as well as beguiling Klahn with his one-handed backhand which has turned into a Sweet stroke. Klahn battles even down a break, but he has clearly been broken down and apart by the more experienced and savvy Dancevic. At match point, Klahn hits an absolute sitter into the net and Dancevic runs up, gives Klahn a quick handshake and then turns to the bleachers and does a little, mock fist pump. It's about as much emotion as Frank has probably ever displayed.It's 3 PM, I just had a Pineapple-Cranberry smoothie and a Spinach/Mushroom/Onion crepe, and I don't know if I'm going to go back out there and struggle through some more of the matches. Maybe Sorenson will catch my interest, but especially after teaching one Bikram Yoga class and taking another earlier today, that's 3 hours in 100+ degree heat, I might've have to cry, "No Mas."