Lives: New Milford, N.J.Spotted at: U.S. Open qualifying rounds 2011.First Tennis Memory: "When I started to play tennis I love McEnroe. I like his serve. His strokes. Very good, very strong. After it was Pete Sampras. His serve was very good, very strong. His approach to net - very strong. Andre Agassi - his backhand was very special."Racquet You Use: "Head."Shoes: "Reebok."Greatest Tennis Moment: "About 15 years ago I play with a professional player who was ranked 110 in the world. He prepare for U.S. Open in Fort Lee. I got one game. It was not easy. I forget his name."Worst Tennis Moment: "I hurt my back last week. I was sitting down and got up and hurt something in my lower back. I have a hard time to serve and to run."Favorite Court To Play: "Overpeck Park (Leonia, N.J.). A lot of people go there. You can have a partner there. Some places it's not easy, you have to pay. Even if you pay, you can't find a partner. So Overpeck is the best."Early Tennis Memory: "When I was young, when I played a beginner tournament. I got the champion. That was in Sau Paulo, Brazil. I also got second place in a doubles tournament in Overpeck when I came to N.J. 15 years ago."Frequency Of Play: "Every day."Strange Match Memory: "I played a lefty, very strong serve. I won the first set 6-0, then I lost the second set 0-6. I never saw him again."Favorite Surface: "Clay. Red clay. When I begin in Brazil I play on clay. It's more soft. You will not hurt your body."Why Do You Love Tennis: "Tennis is technique. You don't need to run so much, in doubles you have to compliment each other. Even if you're old you can play tennis. It's good exercise for young people and good for old people."Favorite Players To Watch: "McEnroe, Sampras, Agassi, Michael Chang. He was very special. He was not tall but he could break the big servers very easy."