You can see it here in the first set in Indian Wells. Though the score is 5-4 with Rafa serving for the first set, he's just a better player than Roger. Always has been, always will be. He won the first time they ever played 63 63 in Miami when Rafa was 17 and he's still got the upper hand. On all surfaces except for maybe indoor carpet. Rafa is like a whirlwind out there, like Rocky Marciano Mike Tyson Pete Rose athletic machine in a frenzy, just pounding and pounding away relentlessly. Scrappy, furious, so intense. He brings all the heat and Roger just can't handle it.Roger is more like an artist, attired impeccably in a top hat and tuxedo, he portrays an eminence that he just doesn't want to or can't get his hands dirty while tussling with this Spanish dynamo. He just can't outbrawl this remarkable brawler. Rafa is Roger's Kryptonite. Always will be.Rafa just closed out the first set 6-4, and there was no emotion, no relief, no fist pump, no hint of any surprise in his matter of fact reaction. Business as usual. Rafa owns Roger. Always has always will.