Djokovic on the two best weapons in tennis...Q. Obviously you faced Jo Willy's serve today which is pretty tough. If you have to say three or four toughest strokes that you face out there on the circuit, what are the really toughest strokes that you have to handle?NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, Nadal's forehand would be probably right up there; Isner's serve. Yeah. I hope you're happy with these two answers. (Smiling).--------------------------------------The Dancing Scot?Q: Out of anything what would you really like to do well?ANDY MURRAY: What would I really like to do well? I think it would be good to be a really good dancer, like Monfils is a great dancer. He dances really well. Yeah, I think dancing would be good."--------------------------------Gilles Muller was practicing with former FSU player Jean Yves Aubone on the free public courts about a 1/4 mile down the road from the Sony Tournament from 9-11. Muller spoke with me about his matches with Roger Federer for my book. Got to listen to some of the banter on the court and Muller, who lost to Rosol in the first round, said he buys his Asics shoes from and gets a 40% discount for being an ATP member. He also said he disabled his Facebook page after a few months because of the sometimes nasty comments people would leave if he lost a match and people had gambled on it.One of Muller's interesting lines about his matches with Federer for my book which will be published later this year: "To be honest, I prefer to play (Roger) than to play Nadal, for example, or Djokovic, because they make you suffer on the court. They make you physically suffer on the court. And Roger's more the guy who hits winners so it's not as hard physically to play him."----------------Sat next to David Ferrer's manager during the Ferrer-Gasquet practice (waiting to speak with Gasquet coach Sebastien Grosjean's Federer memories). He told me Ferrer stays in downtown Miami not Key Biscayne because he prefers "the change." I asked him if Ferrer was a boxing fan because many fans and media say he plays tennis like a boxer but no, Ferrer is a big fan of soccer and cycling which he does a lot of.-----------------------Saw Jurgen Melzer jogging on Harbor Drive this morning at 10:15 am while on a bike ride. Melzer was decked out in his adidas gear. Was a bit surprised to see him running on the concrete sidewalk, considering how much running tennis players do during training and matches.-----------------------Gasquet did a long warm up routine with jogging and band work before his practice with Ferrer. Two years ago I saw him do nothing before hitting with Djokovic here, he just sat on his chair and waited for the two players to finish their practice, with his legs crossed. Then he just got up and started hitting with Nole. Nole was doing all kinds of stretch moves and band work. Good to see Gasquet preparing his body better now for the rigours of tennis.---------------------Remember Jaime Oncins from Brazil? I saw him leaving the grounds. I remember him at the U.S. Open when I first started covering pro tennis in the early 90's. -------------------Nishikori was practing hard with Berdych.------------------Andy Murray did a signing at the Tennis Plaza store which attracted a huge line about 50 yards long.