Scoop,I thought we'd start a new blog where every week either I ask you a question or you ask me a question through the U.S. Open.My question for you is: Do you think the U.S. will pull off the upset of Serbia this weekend in the Davis Cup in Boise, Idaho? On paper, the U.S. team looks pretty tough. They have the No. 20 and 23rd ranked players in Quizner and they have the No. 1 doubles team in the Bryan Brothers. The Serbs, of course, have Djoko, but not much else. Troicki, after knocking on the door of the Top 10, is now ranked No. 44, Tipsarevic for some reason, isn't playing and the Serbs will field a doubles team that doesn't play together during the tour with Djoko or Troicki teaming with Zimonjic, who is getting up there in age, now 36. Now you could say that Djoko will pull a Sampras 1995 in Russia and win the Davis Cup all by himself on enemy territory. The way Quizner have been playing of late, it shouldn't be too tough for Djoko to mow them down and then team with Zimo and make the big upset of the Bryans. Mike and Bob lost for the first time since 2008 in Davis Cup play when they lost to the Brazilians in the first round this year. But they are pretty much a solid point and then unless Troicki can knock off Quizner, the U.S.'s chances look pretty solid.So what do you think, Scoop? Do you doubt Quizner enough after their losses to Berdych and Cilic, respectively, to think Troicki could pull a big upset? Or do you think Quizner will take down Djoko? The matches are being played in Taco Bell Center in Idaho so anything can happen, I guess.(Photo By Henk Abbink)