Brought the racquets out to Rockaway Beach in Brooklyn, hit a few volleys in the dry soft sand. But then I noticed the sand by the water was open and clear and flat. I saw a tennis court without the net and lines, it was perfectly laid out for some tennis hitting. So we decided to hit a few balls right at the water's edge.To our surprise, the surface was very similar to slow red clay. It gave us an honest bounce and we were able to have some actual rallies. The only obstacles were a few bathers who crossed our imaginary court and after about ten minutes, our footprints indended the sand which began to cause some funny bounces. There were no protests from anybody, not even the lifeguards.If we could have installed something to serve as a net and drawn court lines, we could have actually played a set. The fact that we were playing tennis on the beach in front of a few hundred beachgoers did evoke some interesting reactions. One good-natured guy came up and asked to hit a few volleys. He was obviously a good player with advanced form and he couldn't resist an unexpected rally and a chance to hit some sweet spots. Then there was a little girl about five who watched silently and fascinated for a good ten minutes before I asked her if she wanted to try. Obviously she did and despite my Volkl being not much shorter than her, she was able to keep a little rally going. Her dad said she likes to play tennis at camp.On Sunday afternoon me and my friend/doubles partner Pete hit for a good 30 minutes on the wet sand, we did baseline, serves, volleys and also I threw up a few lobs. We also tried elongating the court and hitting from a longer distance than the typical court. It was a lot of fun I must say, to be able to play some tennis in an strange new arena. The only drawback was a slight discomfort in the forefoot because of the rubbing on the rough sand with all the footwork.Next time I'll bring the net, Gatorades, a stick to draw lines, a broom to clear the footprints. Two out of three sets. Game on.