I haven't watched any of the U.S. Davis Cup matches from Spain, and I also haven't been surprised by any of the match outcomes so far. On past DCup form this year alone, Isner clearly should have beaten Almagro, but somehow, I think the disappointment of how Big John has done in the slams this year, has snuffed his potency. No one could've expected Sam Q to beat Ferrer. And then the Bryan Brothers win over Granollers-Lopez is standard fare. When I think of players who inspire or have inspired me, the first who comes to mind is Johnny Mac. I still get excited whenever I see him wield his Dunlop and step on the court. He's an artist out there even at 53 and I never felt--well, maybe late in his career I did a bit--that he was just going through the motions. Federer is an artist, too, but sometimes or a lot of times he just seems too perfect for me. Johnny Mac was an artist with a crazy streak in him and I related to his game, but also his psyche. Whenever I hit a particularly creative shot, even now I still think of Johnny Mac and maybe how he would've handled such a shot.Today, the players who inspire me the most start with Leander Paes. I'll go watch Paes practice I like seeing him play so much. Then I'd say Tsonga, Dolgopolov, Haas, Fish, Blake and Harrison are on my inspire list. I like Fish's game and admire how he's turned his game around at such a late stage. Blake has always played his game even when his Davis Cup coach, PMac, gave him a hard time over it. At its best, and even sometimes even now late in his auspicious career, it is sizzling. And Harrison, although I don't like his game at all, has that conceit about him that makes me want to see if he can really pull off big feats with somewhat of a butcher's game. By strength of mind and belief, as well as a lot of hard work and hard knocks, can Harry become a big-time player?Of course, I like Dmitrov and Dustin Brown, and Llodra and Gasquet, and there's Monfils. Isner and Querrey, it's funny these two are the Davis Cup singles tandem for the U.S. team now because they have to be two of the least inspiring players around. They both have a sort of a mopey way about them on the court. Querrey reminded me of Jughead from Archies comics when I first laid eyes on him playing the U.S. Open qualis. They're both milquetoast to say the best in their demeanor. How about you--who inspires you today out there? Serena Williams, too, word is she's been having both a fling with her married French coach and a romantic dinner with Dmitrov. This girl is burning both ends of the May-December relationship scope. She's also a pretty fiery and inspiring player.