P1010884I met a coach in Florida who has been involved in the sport for most of his life, and he said a sentence which struck me: "Parents are killing tennis in America."All this talk about what's wrong with the USTA development and the young American players may well be off target he says, in his humble opinion based on over two decades in the business. Maybe it's the fault of the parents. Too many parents are too hands on, always around, the parents think they know everything, they create too much pressure and take the fun out of it for the kid. I've been to a couple of the academies over the years and you always see a few parents on the side of the courts watching their kid practice. It's the middle of the afternoon, mind you. Don't they have anything to do than watch their kid practice and learning tennis, day after day, year after year? Sure, it costs a lot of money to send kids to live and play full time at an academy. But is this the way to do it? What kid wants there parents around watching almost their every move like that?The coach had a few zingers:"I know one (Grand Slam major) champion who is miserable right now because of the parents.""(So and so) was in the finals of the Orange Bowl, now he's driving around in a Mustang with a cigarette in his mouth.""(So and so) was in the final of Eddie Herr against Tomic. Now he's playing Division 2 tennis.""The parents should leave the coaching to us. Go away to (a certain US state) and go make money."It seems a lot of parents think they have the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams. "So many kids around 12 show phenomenal talent. Beautiful strokes and form. But you don't know what's going to happen by the time they're 15.""For every kid that makes it and wins a major, there are a million who fail. The parents are killing tennis."