Benoit_Paire[1]When Benoit Paire plays Roger Federer in the semifinals of Rome tomorrow afternoon, it will be the Frenchman's first semifinal appearance in a Master Series event.So far Paire has played Federer twice and lost both matches, in Basel last year and Australia this year. In Miami I asked Paire to describe how it feels to play the one and only Roger Federer...Benoit Paire: "It was the worst. Because, for me, Federer is the most, the best player in the world. For me, when I'm against him on the court, it's tough, I don't play against Federer, I play against the most perfect player and it's very difficult."Question: How do you feel you performed in your matches against Federer?Benoit Paire: "I feel so bad [smiles]."2012 Basel Q Federer 2-6 2-62013 Australian Open R128 Federer 2-6 4-6 1-6Things are not looking so bright for Paire to reach the final of Rome but you what they say, matches ain't won on paper they are won between the lines of the court. Crazier things have happened.(Exclusive sneak peak Book excerpt from the forthcoming "Facing Federer.")(Photo by Henk Abbink)