Just caught a little bit of it today. Harrison and Young lost to Giraldo and Seppi, respectively. Too bad neither Giraldo or Seppi are grass-court players so for Ryan and Donald to not win a set is a poor showing. I think we all know that DYoung might be lucky to be playing main draw ATP events after the summer. He is falling in epic Spadea-2000-like descent. The fact that he was even an Olympian with his hideous performances in 2012 and his equally-hideous training and coaching programs was a joke. Young's entry in these Olympic Games was much like Spadea's in Sydney in 2000 when Vince was in the throes of dropping from being No. 18 in 1999 to bottoming out at No. 247 in 2001. Don't laugh DY, No. 247 might not be out of your reach when all is said and done in 2013.Harrison has had a very inauspicious summer. Besides his semis showings in Eastbourne and Newport (where he almost lost to Bemelmans in the first round), he's lost in either the first or second round of 7 of 9 events including Wimbledon and the French. One wonders if as he gets older, and bigger physically, Harrison is actually digressing. In my view, Olympic tennis doesn't have the cache of, say, Olympic Basketball because in tennis, these players are all playing the same competitors. It's not like any new players come onto the scene to challenge Federer, Djokovic and Murray. Yes, Steve Darcis, a Belgian journeyman, beat Berdych today, but that did cause even a blip in the Olympic world or on your tennis radar? Fed was pushed to three sets by Falla. Again, did that excite you? In basketball, at least, we see interesting pairings of LeBron playing with Kobe and Durant against a French team that has a number of great and good NBA players, Tony Parker, Nicolas Batum and Boris Diaw. There are young European players coming onto the scene that I've never seen or heard of before. But in tennis, it's the same guys and I don't buy the fact that Federer wants to win for Switzerland or Djokovic for Serbia because they already have Davis Cup. Djokovic finally gets to play Fognini in a match at a slam venue after Fognini ruined Djokos chances of winning the Grand Slam in 2011. And then Andy Rpddick may loom in the second round. I have to admit, Djoko v. Roddick on Wimbledon's Centre Court interests me, but if the match was taking place in, say, Beijing, not so much. No, the Olympics are primarily for the once-in-four-years athletes like Michael Phelps, Misti May-Treanor and Ursain Bolt. But Treanor is Taylor Dent's cousin and even Johnny Mac did a feature for NBC on Ryan Lochte tonight. You can't keep tennis down.