At a recent New York Mets game at Citi Field, the long-time New York Post Columnist Steve Serby shared a memory he had of covering a certain high school tennis player by the name of John McEnroe."He (McEnroe) lost 6-4 6-0 to Larry Gottfried in the Columbia Junior Tennis Championships when he was like 15 maybe, 16 at the most. I remember that I wrote he got 'creamed' by Larry Gottfried in The Post. And a few days later on my way, walking to the U.S. Open at Forest Hills, he saw me and started screaming at me, 'What do you mean I got creamed?! Whataya mean?!' And this is before we knew that McEnroe had the volatile temper that he did.""So I said, 'You lost 6-4 6-0.'" He was in no mood to hear any explanation from me. He was not happy that I wrote that he got creamed in the finals."A couple of decades later Serby and McEnroe crossed paths again, but this encounter was far more amicable. "About twenty years later when I saw him at the Open we laughed about it. But it's funny, that really I was the first one to really feel the McEnroe wrath. Now I know what the judges feel like [laughter]."