The Mardy Fish-Gilles Simon match was changing it's complexion drastically in the second set with Simon, who won all of one game in the first set, suddenly going up a break. But you wouldn't know it by listening to Ted "theoretical" Robinson and Jim "blabbing" Courier. They were off on their own Algonquin Round-Table of tennis surmising, airily discussing the choice between playing college or pro tennis and other tired subjects while there was actually a living breathing tennis match taking place.Then to top it off, Justin "blatant names-dropper" Gimelstob was the reporter on the court, interviewing Fish's coach Mark Knowles and Fish's stalker, Sergio Garcia (seriously, I've not seen a Mardy Fish match the entire summer without Garcia in his box. What does this guy do for a living?). Gimelstob is either the worst or the second-worst interviewer behind Jay Leno in television history. While probing Garcia, he started smiling at who knows who off-camera, completely showing no regard for Garcia's answers, which was completely understandable listening to said answers, but Gimelstob is supposed to be interested in the answers to the questions he just asked. No?Robinson is the worst, though. The guy never wants to talk about the match, he only wants to muse about this percentage or that percentage or play footsie with Johnny Mac and Courier. The guy should go back to announcing diving like at the Olympics. Other Mardy Fish's wife having an affair with a Tennis Channel cameraman, or several of them? I've never seen a woman on camera as much during a match since Brooke Shields nearly jumped on the court during the '95 Agassi-Becker match. Is Stacy Gardiner really the second-coming of Brooke Shields or just actually Brooke Shields with a face job?Does Roger Federer actually do a Mercedes Benz commercial and then a charitable segment for his African do-goodings in the same sequence? In one he's the rich guy in the Benz and in another he's the humanitarian saving lives in poor countries. This guy truly is versatile.Finally, are Sam Querrey and Sloane Stephens dating? Or should they get together? They both lost tonight at the same time and the two them displayed as much vigor, passion, emotional combat as the Dalai Lama. I mean, come on, guys, go to Andy Roddick's and Serena Williams's school for athletic zest and gesticulations, at least. That's it for me, tonight. Good night, God bless.