Is this suspicious to anyone but me? Nadal wouldn't say what's injured, only that he didn't have enough time to prepare for the Olympics. What!!!? Didn't have enough time to prepare for a grass court event? Please, that's like saying Kobe Bryant didn't have enough time to prepare for the USA Basketball team where the other night against Brazil, all I saw him do was chuck up 3-pointers.Nadal has played four matches since winning the French. That's like a match a week. How can he be injured? Unless what's injured is his pride after Luckas Rasol took him out at Wimbledon. Could Nadal be worried about a PED test at Wimbledon? Is Nadal breaking down so badly at 26 because he's taken so many steroids it's taking its toll on his body the way Alex Rodriguez can't hit home runs anymore. Rodriguez is 38, though, and one has to wonder what's behind Nadal's mysterious withdrawal. If you look at Nadal two main rivals, neither has had to take off a slam or an Olympics because of injury. Andy Murray limps around at the French like he's Willis Reed in Game 7 of 1970 NBA Championships and still he's healthy and hale to make Wimbledon finals. Fess up Rafael, what's really wrong?(Nadal sketch by Stephen Burkett)