A lot of players are staying in Newport to practice on the hard courts across the street from the Hall of Fame, behind the shopping center stores on King Street. Christian Harrison, Ryan's brother, was there in the morning hitting with Matt Ebden, then again in the afternoon with another player. Pat Harrison, the father of the two rising Americans, told me Christian, two years younger than 20-year-old Ryan, missed two years because of a bone problem in his leg. Christian is fine now and making up for lost time. He plays Futures and also was in qualies in Newport but lost a tough three setter. In the afternoon hit, young Harrison was accompanied by Todd Martin who oversaw the practice session. Ricardo Mello was there too, as was Marinko Matosevic, Michael Yani, and a few other foreign players I couldn't identify. The courts were packed the two times I stopped over there. Matosevic told the ATP's Greg Sharko he wanted a copy of my Rios book and was going to buy it but instead I traded it for a Biofile interview, during a break from his hit, as he sat in the shade. During our conversation Matosevic mixed some protein powder into his drink. His coach Javier Munoz of Spain told me he played pool with Rios one night in Toronto. It turned into a drinking game and according to Munoz, Rios' didn't have his A game that night and missed a lot of shots, which resulted in him having to consume a lot of penalty shots. It must have been a LOT of shots because, well, you can figure out the rest of the story.I didn't know the women used to play in Newport back in the Evert and Virginia Slims era but the women's tour event was sold and has never returned to Newport.I met a local resident who is on the board of the Hall of Fame and he told me that the great Bud Collins is not in the best of health these days and will miss the event because of a lingering leg problem which so far has resulted in ten surgeries this year. Let's say a prayer for Bud Collins and hope he makes a full recovery at 83.Lleyton Hewitt seems to have commandeered the media dining area into his chill spot before matches. Most all the other players wait and hangout on the lower porch but Hewitt has taken over the upper porch, spending time there waiting for his match with his wife and children and also friends Peter Luczak and Chris Guccione. It's a smart play by the former #1 as he doesn't have to be stared and gawked at by fans who walk by the corner porch areas which is at the end of a food court and shopping area. Hewitt battled Tim Smyzcek in a tough match after Isner beat Mahut. Hewitt won the first set 64, dropped the second 2-6 then got it back in gear in the third 6-1. Hewitt is as feisty as ever though he seems to try to conceal it more rather than shout out full force Come ONs! He uses abbreviated fist pumps and barks out short Come ons and still shoots over fiery eyes at his box, which for this match consisted of his wife, Gooch, Luczak and Matosevic, who is Australia based.Late in the third set, Hewitt disagreed with a call and told the chair ump, "That's rubbish mate, that's rubbish."John Paul Fruttero won his first ever ATP match with partner Dennis Istomin in doubles on Wednesday. It was the fourth attempt for the 31 year old former Cal player who has been toiling in the minors leagues of pro tennis for almost a decade. Fruttero made his best mark on pro tennis in World Team Tennis where he posted a pair of wins over Pete Sampras a few years back.I did a Biofile with Fruttero and it's a remarkable and fascinting read. Great guy with an excellent head on his shoulders. By the way I also did a Biofile with Ruben Bemelmans. Also, the good friend of Tennis-prose, super fan of tennis Lou Noritz, bought a copy of my Rios book and the next day he told me how much he loves it, calling it "unbelievable, great read, every player on the tour should read it, etc." Thanks Lou, and I'm very happy you are enjoying it.