I was struck by this comment by a poster on Tennis.com responding to Stephen Tignor's piece on the Murray-Djokovic US Open final. Tennis ProMediocre tennis really. At best.And a lot of empty seats. granted it was a Monday but still.Shows how much Tennis will miss Federer and Nadal.Hitting the ball from one end to another until a player makes an unforced error?? is that tennis?We really going to miss them both especially Roger Federer. His style of play which is so easy on the eye and his pure attacking tennis will be missed."I have to say, all in all, that this is my summation of the match for the most part, too. I was amazed at Murray's disinclination to finish points. For the most part, he played a super game of attrition. And Djokovic, maybe it was the wind, just couldn't seem to hit winners past Murray the way you knew Federer would or at least would try to. So while the match was in many ways mesmerizing--two impenetrable forces battling it out against one another with shots of both coaching teams' stoic and only the girlfriends of both players really getting excited and cheering their men on with vigor (sure Judy Murray got up on her feet a couple of times and Djoko's father almost looked like he wanted to rip the head off the umpire when he had the temerity to call a time warning on Djoko--is it just me, but does there seem to be a wee bit of tension between Papa and Mama Djokovic and Djoko's girlfriend, Jelena Ristic?)--it didn't seem to me like supernatural, high-quality tennis like the first slam final of the year between Djoko and Nadal. Maybe that's the way Andy Murray will win more slams. Certainly, his coach, Mount Rushmore Lendl, didn't play scintillating tennis either and he won plenty of slams. When you have hands and feet like Murray's, even when you're facing a great passing shot artist like Djokovic, wouldn't you want to come to net a little bit more and utilize your genius? Did Johnny Mac stop coming to the net against Borg and Connors?As for the "conflict in interests" in tennis, particularly when it pertains to Patrick McEnroe announcing the Donald Young-Federer match, the same DY he got into a twitter feud with over USTA funding and French Open wild card slotting, tennis is still a club sport. ESPN has done a better job in hiring announcers who don't have a skin in the game, but it's still an incestuous sport. I'm going to post in the next couple of days an article about how difficult it is to track down Djokovic for an interview even when you have a guarantee from his manager that Novak will grant you said interview. By the way, anyone like Gans who got a prediction contest right this past fortnight, send me an email at dojo42@hotmail.com and I'll send you a link to access JeffSalzensteintennis.com for only uno buck.