Who will win today, the rain or no rain? That is the bigger question. A great event like any slam just loses its momentum big-time when rain plays havoc with the schedule. Of course, it's accentuated when the stadium like at RG and FM doesn't have a roof. It looks like today could be another rain out, but apparently dry weather will move in on Thursday and we can get back to tennis-watching-and-pontificating. In the meantime, there is the Yankees Red Sox-like collapse, the NY Super Bowl-winning Giants starting their season tonight against the Cowboys and the Democratic National Convention where in Charlotte NC last night, Michelle Obama gave a rousing speech.(Really, my friends, my fellow Americans, and any Europeans or other world viewers who are paying attention to this election, how is this even a contest at this point? You have a choice between Obama who advocates health care, education, a woman's right to choose, a sane military budget and outlook and a more expansive environmental program and Romney who wants to continue tax cuts for the rich, is playing fast with Roe v. Wade and has an energy program based on more drilling and less environmental protection).But I digress--the Match of the Day is Roddick v. Del Potro. I know Michael likes to poo-poo Andy Roddick being a big-time player anymore, but the retiring American was serving for the first set against the dour Argentinian last night at 5-3 and still holds a 1-0 lead in the breaker as rain washed out the night matches. Roddick was able to establish his serve. Catch Del Po flat-footed on a number of winning inside-out forehands and generally show that he can be competitive with the bronze medal winner, if for only a set maybe. Del Po was unable to come out and blow away the aged American the way he did the new cheese American, Ryan Harrison, in the second round. Johnny Mac was saying that Del Po can blast his backhand, but last night, maybe with the wrist tightening up in the wet weather, Del Po was rolling the backhand back and not pasting it. This allows Roddick the ability to either chip and charge an approach to the net or run around his backhand and hit his best shot, the in-out forehand and dictate the rallies. I'm going Roddick in 4 in the Retirement Streak Continues.