Look, this is women's semifinals day and there is at least one intriguing women's match today, but I don't do shriekers well so I think I'll stay away from that one. Serena vs. Errani should be good only if they change the rules and Serena is forced to play with her right arm tied behind her back.So the Match of the Day for me, at least, is the Men's Doubles Finals between the men in the white hats--The Bryan Brothers, Bob and Mike--and the men donning the black hats--Leander Paes and Radek Stepanek. I am really pumped for this match. For one thing, it's only best of three sets, so I may be able to watch the whole thing. Then the Bryan Bros v. Paes-Radek is a delicious matchup. The Bryans are the No. 2-ranked doubles team, but they've been shut out of the slam winner's circle this year and were knocked out by Paes-Steppy in the Aussie finals, 7-6, 6-2. Lee and Radek haven't even played the full year together and they rank between 5-8 in doubles teams. But they were by far the better singles' players during their careers, with rankings as high as No. 8 for Radek and No. 73 for Paes. Bob Bryan was ranked No. 119. comparatively. In Paes and Steppy--Bryan Bros, you have two of the most entertaining doubles teams ever, and I include McEnroe-Fleming and the Jensen Brothers in that factotum. Paes and Steppy are known for their pump fists, chest bumps (as our the Bryans, in fact, Paes has intimated that the Bryans stole that move from him--it's already getting heated) and their generally pretty obnoxious behavior. The Bryans are known for their class, but also for their full-fledged competitiveness. I don't know know when the Bryans have been shut out of winning at least one slam in a year, but if they lose today that would be the case for 2012.None of these guys is getting younger. Paes is 39, Steppy 33 and the Bryans' 34. So who knows when these two teams may face off again. Bryans in three sets.