For a recent Biofile, the auto racing legend Mario Andretti mentioned he played tennis. "Just about every day. I play quite a bit outdoors. We have a beautiful court (at home in Nazareth, PA). I've been playing since fairly late, started at around age 32. A lot of the Formula I racers were tennis players. I actually started in South Africa. Carlos Roitman, Clay Roizoni, Ronnie Peterson were playing quite a bit. There were beautiful clay courts in Austria where we played."Like many successful sportsmen, Andretti, a four-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 and the 1978 Formula I world champion, enjoys watching pro tennis action. "I love watching tennis, I follow quite a bit now. I just love watching Roger Federer do his thing. Nadal and Djokovic are very exciting. I like Andy Roddick. I used to love John McEnroe, the way he would dispute every call. He was the bad boy. We were quite friendly with Monica Seles for a while, she loved Formula I. I met Rod Laver a long time ago, he was one of the first pros I ever met. He was still active."Describing is own game, the man who won 109 career races on major circuits, says, "I hit pretty decent baseline shots, cross court winners sometimes. I think I play fairly decent. If I compared to golf, I'd be playing in the 80's." As far as weaknesses, 72-year-old Andretti cites his serve. "You always work on your serve, forever. I'm getting most in lately. When I miss, I hit the tape. I have a fairly effective first serve."For equipment, Andretti uses "Prince racquets and Puma sneakers right now."His favorite tournament: "I like the U.S. Open. But also Wimbledon. I wait for the U.S. Open like you can't believe. And I watch a lot of it, it's in the country, so the timetable works and you see it live. I truly love the U.S. Open. I'd say I watch every chance I get - a lot."The U.S. Open is the only slam event Andretti has attended live. "Texaco had a box. I would always be invited and definitely took advantage of it. I love to watch tennis on TV. I think tennis is very good on TV."Andretti says he never got the chance to hit with his friend Seles, though he did share a court once with a popular professional. "I played a Pro Am in Detroit one time. Mansour Bahrami - that's who I played with. He does all kinds of tricks, he's exciting. I hit with pros there and I just loved it. He was lobbing me shots, I said, you can hit it harder. The harder he hit, the better I was hitting back. It raises your level."Monica Seles is a racing fan and attended several events. "She went to a couple of Grand Prix where (his son) Michael was. I spent some time with her at the U.S. Open, she was up at the suites. She's a big racing fan."Andretti's playing partners consist mostly of family and friends. "My sons Michael, Jeff. My daughter Barbie. Friends that come up, we play singles, doubles. We play a lot in the day and night, we have lights." When not having fun on the tennis courts, Andretti busies himself with the Andretti winery in Napa Valley, a petroleum partnership which operates gas stations and distributes fuel in northern California, a racing school, and Andretti Indoor Karting and Games near Atlanta.