So I get to the grounds of the Newport Hall of Fame on Wednesday and I run into Greg and Fabrizio of the ATP, we're chatting on the path between the stadium and outer courts and Lou Noritz is waving his arm trying to call me over. I can't leave just yet to talk with Lou who then joins us. Turns out Lou is trying to tell me he loves my Rios book which he bought the day before...Noritz, a super fan of tennis who attends US Open qualies and the Newport event for a few days every year, had this to say about the book: "The topic is perfect. The title is perfect. Rios was one of the most unique players in the history of sport. A man we barely knew. You want to know why we barely knew him, you read this book. This book is history. This book is unique. And this book is about a player who is so unique, from the past, for the future, that you will never probably ever see again. And Scoop got the right scoop because he got his information from the horse's mouth - players, coaches, fans - of something that is incredibly unique. From a player that had the talent of a John McEnroe and Roger Federer. But he got injured a lot to cut his career short which is good because that's what he deserved. And all the ATP players should read it because they take long, boring flights. Rios is part of the history of tennis. He was a unique situation that Scoop really dug into deep. Way to go Scoop!"Lou also suggested that the ATP should promote the book.