"My greatest comeback in matches? You know, matches come and go. You win and lose matches. For me, everything's about persevering. I think, as an athlete, it's things behind the scenes that are important, like right now we're sitting here talking about the match I won. Actually, about ten minutes ago, for the last half hour, I've been doing abs and back (exercises). And that was a lot harder than playing the match today. After playing two matches yesterday, playing today, doing the homework is what's really important. So comebacks - it would just be the way that I keep rejuvenating myself. I mean, at 39, I feel like a young, lil spring chicken. I feel happy out there, to go out and keep playing. Age is really just a number. Just to push the body, to keep it young, keep it healthy, do it natural. That's the joy of tennis."Worst Blown Lead: "I was about 14. I was up 6-2, 5-0. I lost it. That's one of them [smiles]."(This "Greatest Comeback & Worst Blown Lead" is a new feature series at this site. The next installment will be Chanda Rubin.)