Roger Federer dominated world #1 and defending champion Novak Djokovic like only he could. It was a masterful four set wipeout. Federer was perfect or near perfect, with his sublime arsenal dictating Djokovic around the court like his personal servant.Federer was a machine, perfectly composed from the first point to the last, this was one of his finest performances ever at Wimbledon.Federer's backhand, which often crumbles against Djokovic's two hander, was unflinching today. In every way, he was the superior player to the strangely subdued Serbian powerhouse. With one more win on Sunday, Federer will set a new Wimbledon record for singles titles and also regain the #1 ranking, defying all the experts and know-it-alls.The one and only Roger Federer is about to regain his throne as the King of Tennis.