I wonder with you people out there in TennisLand, how many of you really care about the Sharapova-Wozniaki final in the desert? I could watch it, but I'm not going to go out of my way to watch it. In my eyes, women's tennis is a mess. It just is. The big rivalry is now Serena and Vika and while these women can play smashmouth tennis, there's not a lot of variety in either one's game and they don't look Goolagong graceful in their tennis games. Look at what happened in Indian Wells with the women's draw. In the quarter finals, two contestants pulled out, Azarenka and Stosur, I believe. Li Na and the Williams sisters didn't even play the event. In the semis, you've got Sharapova and Kirolenko. Is there any drama who's going to win that match? Caro and Anglique, who also faded out in the third set hurt. In the finals is Maria and Caro in basically an unwatchable match. Yes, Sharapova is pretty cool to see rip her shots. She plays with a passion and Caro is a plugger, gritty and plays with her heart. And then there is the aspect that they're both great-looking women (it was mentioned that of the four women in the semis, three are dating or engaged to pro athletes, two the best in their sports, Ovechkin and McIlroy), but from a tennis standpoint, I'd rather watch the Dallas challenger finals of Kudla-Melzer instead. That's my opinion, I'd like to hear yours. Am I missing something?