37185A lot of tennis fans are not too pleased that Jimmy Connors has went public with the story that he impregnated Chris Evert during their previous romantic relationship, early in their professional careers. Astonishingly, Jimbo also revealed details that his former lover had an abortion.Chris Evert, nicknamed The Ice Maiden and Chris America, of course was somewhat infamous for her busy off-court love life which included many famous boyfriends and lovers but for Connors to go public with this private matter was a judgement that has certainly rubbed many Evert loyalists the wrong way.Did Connors do this as a ploy to promote his soon to be released bio? Or could it have been payback for the well documented story Evert has told about the private parts comparison between Jimbo and Vitas Gerulaitis? Or perhaps a combo of both?Whatever the truth, Jimmy Connors has just dropped the biggest bombshell in tennis, since Andre Agassi claimed he hates tennis and also used recreational drugs. Jimbo is a legendary figure for laying it all on the line and giving the people what they want, and not holding anything back. If this biography lives up to those standards, it's going to be one helluva read.