575753_616201861726398_1698021498_nIt's clear to me now that Milos Raonic's chances of ever winning a slam are slim and none. He might've won a slam back in the 60', 70's, 80's and 90's, but not in this century. The big Canadian--and he is big, I know they don't have measurements for this in tennis, but Milos has to have the biggest calf muscles on tour--dropped a straight set match to Kevin Anderson today. Anderson is one of the big men on tour--and I think he's the best really big man on tour including Cilic, Isner, Querrey, Raonic and Karlovic--because he can move. Raonic doesn't move poorly, but he's no Anderson out there and he's barely better than Querrey. Raonic is now 15-9 in slams and he basically only can win a hard court slam and I don't see that happening. Anderson at 6-8 is actually 3 inches taller than Raonic, he's also 27, but I like his upside better than Raonic. He seems like he has a very sound head on his shoulders. He hasn't gone through the "I'm the next Sampras" mill that Milos has. Watch out for Anderson, he's ready to challenge for a slam semis and break the Top 10.Now onto Sock. This guy has to get fit. He lost in straight sets to Haas today which is no shame, but again, you can't win in tennis today with just a big serve and forehand. You have to be able to move quickly and punish in the area of running down lots of shots and having a complete game. This is not Sock's oeuvre now at 20, but he's been on the tour for a couple of years now and I really don't see him improving immensely in this area. Being fit, getting fit is just as much a talent as coming through in the clutch and Sock better embrace this as he's going to be booted out of a lot more opening rounds of slams if he doesn't.