Andy Roddick got shellacked today by Novak Djokovic in the second round of the Olympics. The scores, 2 and 1, do not fully do justice to what a demo job this was. And in demo, I mean, a demolishing, a butt-kicking, a...well, you get my point. Not only did Djoko out-ace Roddick 14-5, but he showed his superiority in every way you possibly can on a tennis court with the exception of maybe the slice backhand. Roddick came out and held serve for his first two service games, but was then overwhelmed in 54 minutes.Is this surprising? For me, a little bit. I know I've been criticized by some on this blog for supporting Roddick and saying he's still somewhat prominent on the Wimby grass courts. But Roddick is a three-time Wimby finalist and Djoko has shown that he is vincible on the grass. Maybe it's the dynamic between Djoko and Roddick. Roddick actually holds a 5-3 lead in head to head matches on the tour. And they had that testy 2008 match at the US Open that Djoko won in the quarters and then was booed afterward for what he said about Roddick. But Djoko has clearly out-lapped Roddick now. And Roddick's hopes of making one last deep run in a slam has to be scoffed at now. But still, why in every Roddick match Brett Haber and Justin Gimelstob announce, they have to go into his Hall of Fame credentials? It's as if they feel they have to stoke Roddick's credentials because maybe people don't realize how great Roddick has been. If I hear one more time how Roddick is the only player besides Federer to win an event for 12 straight years or that he was in the Top 10 for ten straight years, well, I don't know if I can take it.And one more thing about Gimelstob. He is full of knowledge and respect for the event, but how come a lot of times I almost guffaw over things he says. Like today, two instances, Gimel referred to a player doing "a nice job in adversity management skills." Really!? Why can't he just say the guy keeps his composure? Is he holding a board meeting or announcing a tennis match? Or early in the Djoko-Roddick match, Gimel had this to say about an early challenge of Roddick's:"The best thing was Roddick asked Molina (the umpire) if he was sure and Molina said, 'Yes,' and Roddick challenged it anyway. That epitomizes Roddick." Well, yes, maybe it does epitomize Roddick, but not in a good way. Here was the ump telling Roddick that a serve right on his line was indeed out--it was Roddick's first service game and I believe he was up 30-0--and Roddick challenges it anyway. What does that say about Roddick and what Gimel says "epitomizes" him (whatever the freakin' "epitomizes" means. How come a guy like Gimel who only went to one year of college uses all these big freakin, un-understandable words? It's a tennis match, dude!).Perhaps, it says that Roddick is a guy who likes to needle people and he doesn't trust a good ump even when he's telling Roddick a ball right in front of him was out. And if that epitomizes Roddick, it means that he's a guy who always wants to prove others wrong, even when the odds say they're probably right. That might've worked well for Roddick through his career, but it's a trait you don't see the top players today choosing to display. Finally, has anyone ever seen two bigger dudes on a tennis court than Milos Raonic and Jo-Willy Tsonga? Nah!