The Face of American Tennis for the past Decade (ok, there were glimpses of Agassi, Blake and Fish, too), is taking it on the chin on and off the court. Andy Roddick, the Cornhusker, the boy who grew up to marry a SuperModel, and the last American to win a slam, is now losing to the likes of Jeremy Chardy in Cincinnati. (I know for you Chardy-lovers, Jeremy's got game.) Andy's losing his hair, his back hurts, his vaunted serve can no longer vault him to the top of the game. For the first time in a decade, his name isn't even in the "dangerous floaters" list of players coming into the Open. But on top of all this, he gets fan comments like this:Tell Roddick that the majority of us Americans have never liked him.He has an ego shaped by the establishment who decided to adore him but did not test the feelings of the entire tennis followers. His absolutely dreadful behavior, berating umpires, linesman etc for so many years has turned us off. Tell him to retire, and hopefully, Tennis Channel will not hire him. They have already hired Justin Jimemstops, Roddicks' buddy, who has terrorized more ball boys and girls than any mediocre player in modern times. He was just nasty to them. I look forward to the day when the TV commentators, tennis coverage, and Lacoste promoters do not shove Andy Roddick down our throats.And this:Agreed. And let's not forget about the berating of ball kids, dropping his towel at their feet when he could've waited an extra second and handed it to them, not to mention the screaming of profanities in the vicinity of children and then yelling more when asked to be more considerate. As a Fed fan, I've enjoyed every one of Roger's wins over Andy (the drubbing in Melbourne in '07 being my favorite) while watching Roger act with class and Andy continue to be a spoiled and petulant whiner. Fine player, but as a human being, nowhere near world class. I won't be sad when he hangs it up for good.Ouch!Isn't there anyone out there who remember Andy fondly? Ok, I'll put in my best Andy recollection story. I remember doing a phone interview with him for Tennis Magazine's "The World According To..." column when Andy was 18 and he was real friendly and we talked about how he could dunk a basketball. Have all the expectations, press conferences, incompetent tennis officials, riches, pressures, etc. made A-Rod into a nimrod? Because I don't think he started out that way.