Roger_Federer_training_with_StanThis draw is a perfect chance for Roger Federer to capture another major, his 18th. Here's why: It's very possible Nadal and Djokovic will reach the semis in two weeks and it's entirely conceivable that they could play another six hour marathon, just as they did in Australia a couple of years ago.Remember, also they played a four-hour war on red clay in a Masters Series a few years back, won by Rafa before the pre-Gluten-free Djokovic found his top form. If Djokovic and Nadal take something out of each other in the semi, a fresh Federer pounces on the survivor to win the title, his 18th overall. I can definitely see this scenario playing out. Easily.Fed's draw looks okay, a couple of qualifiers, maybe Benneteau and Simon, Ferrer. This draw is not a nightmare for the 31-year old at all.With the way this draw has worked itself out, I absolutely can see Federer taking this title, similar to how Pete Sampras stunned the tennis world at his final U.S. Open. How about you?(Photo by Henk Abbink)