P1011039Pardon this interruption. It's just a feeling I got watching the end of Paire's destruction of Baghdatis. This guy is becoming, transforming into a big time player. The talent has been there for years but I see it all coming together now, the maturity and evolution of a potentially special player.The wicked forehand, the smooth, big serve, the flowing fluidity of movement, the comfort to play on the big stage, the control of emotions, the poise of a champion, the dynamic flair, the fiery intensity, the ability to serve and volley or play any shot from any position.It was all there on display today and poor Baghdatis was pretty much helpless. At the end of the match at the net handshake, Baghdatis embraced and congratulated Paire, with more generosity than you usually see from the kind-hearted Cypriot. If I could translate into words what Marcos communicated by body language, he said, "You my friend played unbelievable tennis today and I wish you luck to go all the way because you can do it. Yes you can do it."Friends of tennis-prose, I highly recommend you all keep an eye on Mr. Benoit Paire. Thank you. Pardon this interruption, you may resume whatever you were doing.