sonyeric1996 Lipton Championships in Key Biscayne. I was playing Michael Stich at the time he was ranked number 2 ATP. I hadn't beaten a top 10 player at that point. I remember clearly my dad calling me from LA before the match and telling me he was up all night watching countless matches of Stich on video. It was well known that Stich had a huge serve and was very good around the net. I think he won Wimbledon the year or two before. He told me first time he comes to net hit the ball as hard as you possibly can right at him, I think his exact words were "try and put a hole right through his chest." That will back him up a few feet and create lots of angles to pass him later on. Also first break point that I get in ad court he will serve 140 up the tee. Told me to sit on it and he won't know what hit him. As it turned out at two-all first set I had my first break point. He hit a serve up the tee exactly like my dad said and I hit a return past him so hard he never made it to the service line. I looked at the radar gun and the serve was 139. My dad was a mile per hour off, haha. I won that match 6-2 6-2 and had my first top 10 win. I managed to reach the quarterfinals before losing to Agassi. I have countless stories similar to these that my dad helped me reach many of my goals and also helped me tremendously in my coaching career.