1CF32ABD34A34CB6806B77FC35038B4F.ashxThat's right, folks, good folks who follow Tennis-Prose.com, I am scooping Scoop, dropping a big one here in announcing that Fernando Romboli, 24, ranked No. 452, has been caught violating the Anti-Doping rules. How did they catch this guy! What a great testing program that they catch a guy ranked No. 452 doping. Imagine the endless work and pursuit the ITF must've put forth in tracking and then actually nailing Romboli.Can I have a big Spanish "Vamos" for the ITF? These ladies and gentleman will not stop until they rid the game of all the Romboli's out there. Never mind they haven't caught a Top 100 player in the last five years, the Romboli's out there are now flushing their drugs down all the toilets of Brazil. Way to go, ITF!!