Daniel, I'm not going to lie, there's a de la in there, too, but I don't know the guys name even though he beat DYoung in the qualis here, but he also dogged Ryan Harrison today. Daniel, a stocky short Spaniard, took the game to Harry, but after the somber Harry lost the first set 6-2, he played much more solid tennis in taking the second set and going up a break at 3-2 in the third. At 40-30, Daniel hit an inside out fh that the linesman called out right away. But the umpire who was sitting above the line immediately called it good. Harry kept his mouth shut even though it was obvious he wanted to explode. But two quick points later, Daniel had broken back. That's when Harry lost it. He has his own way of verbally skewering an ump. It's direct, right in his face and he always finishes with a definitive line as he did today shouting, "Pay attention!"Harry didn't pay much attention from there on out, losing the last game at love. He didn't lambaste the ump any longer, though, as he rather nicely shook his hand. Harry is now 3-6 in 2013 and its hard to imagine good things are ahead when he has trouble popping up and hitting long missiles on the fh and he dumps many a return of serve bh in the net.In the stadium now, Gulbis after winning the first set 6-1 against Blake, has broken back in the second and is up 4-3. He is absolutely murdering his serve.