Good crowd to see the Haas vs. Dolgopolov matchup on grandstand. Haas won the first set 6-3 and immediately breaks Dolgo to start the second. Haas, the #15 seed, plays serious, systematic, smart tennis, he's locked in on every point, every ball. Dolgopolov is the opposite, he's a freestyle, instinct player, who seems to prefer to play the game how he likes to, flowing, mixing, dazzling it up. Tommy grinds, works, and fights, Dolgo plays.I'm sitting in a box where Haas's wife and friends are. A nanny brings the baby Valentina. After one point in the second she is held up and coos "Go Daddy" and Tommy sees it and gives her a quick smile, but then it's back to business. The inspiration seems to work as Tommy wins the next point. Haas just gets the ball back smartly but pounces on a ball he likes, hitting plenty of winners. Dolgo can't seem to get any rhythm, he shows frustration and anguish.The sense is that Dolgo really wants this match, needs it, to right the ship, as he's not had a good year at all. He's plateaued, parted with former coach Jack Reader, brought in his dad again, but the results are the same. Decent, but not in any way showing the kind of form that will threaten to crack the top 10.Playing showman style tennis isn't going to work against people like Haas or Ferrer, or the other titans. Dolgo is down the break at 2-3 and is rallying. He has Haas in a 0-40 hole and hit's a running tweener that is called good and the crowd is in a frenzy. Dolgo is smiling. He's in his element. But Haas challenges and the ball is an inch out. 15-40. Haas battles back to deuce and wins the game. It's the end for Dolgopolov as Haas wins the next two games and the match 63 62. Haas, who turns 35 next week has a date with world #1 Djokovic in the fourth round. Dolgopolov exits the court with a hint of beffudlement. Will he figure out how to adjust his game to move up the rankings? Or will he stay true to himself and keep playing the patented Dolgo freewheel style, for better or for worse?One gets the sense Dolgopolov's curveball, knuckleball style has been figured out by the ATP powers that and if he can't revise his game, he will become just another player in the top 100.