He has suffered and waited long enough. It's time now, to get the gorillas off his back once and for all. It's been about five years of failures against expectations, always coming up short to Rafa, Rodge and Djokovic. It's time to change the dismal pattern, it's time for Murray to feel like a winner on final sunday of a grand slam.It's time for the UK to have their first major champ since Fred Perry or Virgnia Wade. It's been too long. Murray is a champion, his fourth final will be the charm. I believe he's going to figure out how to play his best tennis today and will upset Federer. Sometimes in sports when you least expect it to happen, it does. Like when the Red Sox came back from 0-3 down to the Yanks and when Dan Jansen finally won a gold medal in his final Olympic speed skating event, after 12 years of failure.Another failure on the big stage, a fourth flop is not in the cards. Murray in four today. And it will be hysteria in England like never before, well, maybe when Lennox Lewis stopped Mike Tyson in Memphis in 2002.