Jerzy Janowicz thoroughly impressed court observers including Martina Navratilova and Justin Gimelstob, with his five set dynamic destruction of Somdev Devvarman on Tuesday.Both former Grand Slam champions/Tennis Channel commentators seemed awed by the Pole's power and his equally strong personality. When asked by Brett Haber about the potential of Janowicz, who took control of the match after losing the first two sets and dominated from that point on, except for a slight hiccup at the end caused by Devvarman's desperate efforts to escape defeat, Gimelstob answered, "Limitless." Gimelstob noted that usually with a power player like Janowicz, there is a liability or chink in the armor. But the intriguing and unique thing about Janowicz is that there really is no flaw area, he is extremely explosive and powerful and can hurt you from any and all parts of the court, with all of his shots, the forehand, backhand, net game, serve, varied attacks. Also, the 6-8 Pole has astonishingly good movement for a big man. To my eyes, Janowicz is like a quicker, more agile Del Potro or Berdych, with no less power, if not more, as well as a fearlessness to attack the net whenever he wants to, even after the first ball he hits in a point. Another quality I like about Janowicz is his court personality. He has several personalities and appearances out there, it seems. In the beginning of the match he wore shades, then took them off and wore a cap. Also, in the beginning he was yelling and grunting so loudly it sounded like he was actually vomiting up a bad meal on each ball strike. But once JJ figured out how to dominate the pesky Chang-like Devvarman and took control of the match, he became completely silent from that point on. And he assumed a demeanor of superiority. When he cat and moused Devvarman with drop shots or lobs, he would stare down his inferior foe with an arrogant gaze or show a fistic exclamation point.Janowicz also has a special ability to inspire his supporters to cheer, sing and back him vocally for an entire match, which is a valuable asset in tennis and adds an entertaiment element to the drama of the duel. A Polish contingent attired in red and white sang and chanted support for JJ for the entire match, and it was so awesome that after match point Janowicz made a point to gratefully bow to them three times on each side of the court. With "limitless" potential, and already in the top 25 ATP rankings, you have to wonder just how far this Polish dymano will continue to ascend and how much better he will get with more experience.As Lukas Rosol showed last summer, for one match at least, absolutely anything is possible from these young guns who play tennis like the prime Iron Mike Tyson. Something suggests though that Janowicz will have a lot more staying power than Rosol.